Embroidery Essentials: Tips For Beginners

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Embroidery Essentials: Tips For Beginners

Learning embroidery as a child was one of my favorite ways to spend my downtime. Not only was it relaxing, it taught me how toEss focus and gave me something beautiful out of it all. I spent years learning how to design my own embroidery patterns. It meant studying the basics of each stitch so that I knew which ones worked best where. The more I studied, the easier it became. I created this site with the hopes of teaching others how to create their own designs. I hope the information here helps you to find your own creative expression.


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Three Places To Offer Your Embroidery Services To Make Quick Cash

Making a little extra money off of one of your hobbies is the perfect way to pull in extra cash. If you are interested in starting a small embroidery service, you may not have a lot of money to invest in marketing. Luckily, there are a few places where you can offer your services on even a shoestring budget and bring in extra cash. Here are three places to market your embroidery service in order to make quick, easy cash. 

Schools and dance studios

At schools, there are likely to be a number of teams. Many teams, such as cheer teams, dance teams, and pep squads will often have uniforms that they need to be made or touched up. Some teams that are just starting on the campus may actually purchase their own outfits and need embroidery to make them look like a uniform. This makes a school the perfect place to get work each semester. Teams may keep you on call to help fix or repair uniforms before each season starts. Dance studios are very similar to school teams, except they may require more intricate work performed. Applique embroidery designs are common in dance studio teams, which means higher paying work. 

New companies

New companies, whether they be tech startups, catering companies, or retail establishments, uniforms are often the name of the game. Whether they will have their name attached to a white collared shirt or they will have jackets that each employee must put on each day, having embroidery is typical to distinguish their uniform. Hiring a freelance embroidery service is more affordable for new companies so they will be looking for inexpensive work done well. New companies are perfect to pitch to help with uniforms in order to make a contract. 

Social media groups

Social media groups are good for more than just personal socialization. Open a social media group or page that will allow you to display some of the work that you have done and offer your service. Those who are looking for small jobs such as embroidery of a design that has come apart or looking to get children's clothing embroidered would be happy to send you work. Custom clothing retailers may also need help fixing up designs in their store if they have clothing that comes in with imperfections. Social media groups make it easier to get work from those who are looking for small jobs and a company that can work with their budget.