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Embroidery Essentials: Tips For Beginners

Learning embroidery as a child was one of my favorite ways to spend my downtime. Not only was it relaxing, it taught me how toEss focus and gave me something beautiful out of it all. I spent years learning how to design my own embroidery patterns. It meant studying the basics of each stitch so that I knew which ones worked best where. The more I studied, the easier it became. I created this site with the hopes of teaching others how to create their own designs. I hope the information here helps you to find your own creative expression.


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Need A New Toy For Your Kids (Or Grandkids)?

Are you a parent or grandparent of active, fun-loving kids? If you are, then you are painfully familiar with the love-hate relationship that can be formed between children and their toys. One day, they love all their toys. The next day, they don't want anything to do with them. Children spend hours upon hours playing with their toys, which is why is it crucial to offer toys that can provide a meaningful learning experience. Most children are content with being plopped down in front of Saturday morning cartoons for a few hours... but is that a valuable learning experience for them? Will it help them bond with their siblings or other children? If you have been meticulously combing through department store weekly ads and new toy catalogs, you know how difficult it is to find a cost-effective toy, a toy that can provide an enriching learning experience, and a toy that can allow your children to interact with other children. If the aforementioned experience sounds a little too familiar, look no further than this ingenious toy: big foam blocks.

Big foam blocks are a beloved toy across the world. Relatively inexpensive, these blocks can be found in regular department stores or toy stores. Additionally, you can order large foam blocks from online retailers and have the blocks delivered directly to your house (which means less time toting the kids around the store). Online retailers offer more diverse selections of sizes, shapes, and even colors, so you can truly have the opportunity to customize these new toys to the tastes of your family. 

Why are foam blocks so popular with kids? Kids love the opportunity to engage in free play. Free play allows your children to exercise their imaginations rather than simply sitting in front of a television for several hours, and free play allows the children to play without restrictions or rules. They have the chance to build their own creations and learn from their mistakes. Building with large foam blocks creates a fun opportunity and combines the fun with play-based learning. When engaging in play-based learning, children learn valuable skills and have more opportunities to play with other children that are around them. Big foam blocks are a simple and affordable way to provide a fun, interactive learning experience for your children. The next time you purchase a new toy for your children, look no further than the humble big foam block.