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Embroidery Essentials: Tips For Beginners

Learning embroidery as a child was one of my favorite ways to spend my downtime. Not only was it relaxing, it taught me how toEss focus and gave me something beautiful out of it all. I spent years learning how to design my own embroidery patterns. It meant studying the basics of each stitch so that I knew which ones worked best where. The more I studied, the easier it became. I created this site with the hopes of teaching others how to create their own designs. I hope the information here helps you to find your own creative expression.


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2 Tips for Preparing to Adhere Advertising Decal Graphics to Your Store's Floor

If you operate a store, you may decide to add floor graphics as a fun way to advertise your sales and products. However, you may be uncertain about applying the decals so their edges do not curl up. If so, use the following tips while preparing the surface before applying your advertising decals to the floor.

Choose the Location Carefully

Before you start preparing to apply the graphics to your store's floor, first you should choose an ideal location for them. Not only should the floor be solid and free from damage, but the place you choose to put the decals should be well away from the door.

If you place the decals too close to the entrance, rain or snow could come in and settle on them whenever the door opens. The moisture from the outdoors could affect the decals in two ways.

First, the water will make the surfaces of the decals extremely slippery, posing a hazard that could cause one of your customers to fall. Second, the excess water may settle underneath the decals and wear down the adhesive.

Make sure you select a position that is well enough away from the door so that the weather does not affect them. Also, place a mat at the entryway to absorb moisture from your customers' feet to keep water from being carried in on their shoes.

Clean the Area with Alcohol Before Applying

Once you have found a suitable location for your floor graphics, the area will need to be thoroughly cleaned. However, do not use soaps or detergents to do the job, since they could leave a residue that may break down the adhesive.

Instead, use alcohol to wipe up any dirt, grime, or sticky gunk found on the floor. It will effectively dissolve any foreign material without leaving behind a film that would interfere with the stickiness of the decals' backings.

To clean the area, pour the alcohol directly on the floor. Then, use a lint-free cloth or paper towel to wipe down the area. Do not use a towel or cloth that is not free from lint, as it would leave behind particles that would make for a rough application.

Using the above tips can help make the application of your advertising decals easier. For more tips on preparing for and applying your floor graphics, speak with a representative at the craft store from which you purchased your decals for personalized help and information.